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Toyota Corolla Air Conditioning Troubleshooting


You may be able to save a lot of time and money by trying to troubleshoot car problems yourself. Air conditioning problems are quite common, and might be caused by any number of things that you can self-diagnose.

Tools Used: Tools, Screwdriver

Troubleshoot Air Conditioning

Check the coolant levels in the coolant reservoir. Lift the hood of the vehicle. Find the reservoir in the very front of the vehicle on the driver’s side. It is a plastic white jug.

Lift the lid and shine a flashlight into it. Look at the side of the jug to make sure the level of the coolant is in between the low line and the full line.

See if the problem is a simple blown fuse next. If the temperature controls on the dashboard seem to work correctly but have no effect whatsoever on the air, this is likely the problem.