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Location of the Fuel Filter on a Chrysler Sebring V6 3.0L


The Chrysler Sebring is a sedan that has been on the road in various forms for many decades. The Sebring is close to the ground so you will need to raise the vehicle before you can locate the fuel filter. The fuel filter is responsible for filtering out any large particles that are in the gasoline so that they do not clog intake lines or damage the internals of the engine.

Tools Used: Tools, 2 car ramps

Location of the Fuel Filter – Place two car ramps in front of your front tires and drive the car up the ramps. Put the car in Park and engage the parking brake. Get underneath the vehicle. You will find the fuel filter on the trunk end of the fuel tank, up towards where the top of the fuel tank meets the bottom of the vehicle body. The fuel tank is on the driver’s side of the vehicle and is made out of gray metal. The bottom is flat and smooth and it is the largest thing underneath your vehicle. The fuel filter is a gray metal canister about the size of a small can of soup, but a little bit fatter. It will have a rubber tube coming out of each end.