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How to Reset the Service Tag on your Acura TL


When the small service light pops up on your Acura TL control panel, you need to take your vehicle to the shop and have it checked. Usually the light indicates a problem with the car or is meant to remind you of an upcoming mileage checkup. If you have taken the car in for service or fixed the problem yourself, you can reset this light. Until you reset it, it will continue to come on no matter what you do to the vehicle.

Reset the Service Tag

Turn the ignition cylinder clockwise to the “2” or “On” position. The car should be on but not cranked. Tap the “i” or “INFO” button on the driver wheel until you see the tire pressure warning on your onboard screen.

Press and hold the “SEL/RESET” button located directly under the “INFO” button. Hold this down until you see a message saying “OIL LIFE RESET.” Select “RESET” by pressing and holding down the “SEL/RESET” button until the message goes away.