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How to Replace Main Relay on Acura Integra


The main relay, like all relays, helps other devices to control the flow of high current within your Acura Integra. Specifically, the main relay helps to control the ignition and fuel system. If your Integra has difficulty starting, then you may have a non-working main relay.

Tools Used: Tools, Manual or wiring diagram, Ratchet kit or wrench, Pocketknife, Screwdriver, Main replay replacement or kit, Magnifying glass (optional), Soldering tools (optional)

Replace Main Relay

Verify the source of your ignition issue. If you attempt to start your Acura Integra and don’t hear the main relay “click” three times, then your problem likely stems from this relay. If the relay clicks, consider checking the fuel pump, ignition and other sources. Otherwise, disconnect the battery to start replacement of the relay.