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How to Adjust the Headlights on a Cadillac Seville


The Cadillac Seville features adjustment screws and aiming dots that are used to adjust your headlight beams so that they illuminate the road you are driving on and do not blind the eyes of other drivers. As with many vehicles, adjusting the headlights involves setting up the proper conditions for correct aiming. This takes some time but the entire process shouldn’t take more than half an hour. This is good news for anyone whose headlights are beaming into outer space or pointing toward the wrong side of the road.

Tools Used: Tools, Tape measure, Tape, Screwdriver

Adjust Headlights

Park your Cadillac Seville directly in front of a garage door or other wall. Prop open the hood and set the horizontal and vertical aiming gauge on the back of each headlight assembly to zero. Place a horizontal and vertical strip of tape directly in front of each headlight.